Time Definition

Time Calculation Model

  • The reference document for performance indicators is the
    DIN 8743:2014-01
  • For acceptance tests of machines, lines etc.. we recommend
    DIN 8743:2014-01
  • A description of the operating behavior of a system (machine, line) is adequate based on following indicactors
    • technical quality performance pQS
    • technical efficiency Es
    • technical availability Rs  (for machine systems without constant speed)
  •    test time = operating time for acceptance test we suggest 1x8h

Scheduled Downtimes t may consist in:

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Start time, run out or change over time
  • Product change over
  • Breaks
Unplanned Downtimes are periods without any output due to unplanned failures