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In the event of a new installation of machines and units for the filling and packaging of beverages, the beverage industry invites several manufacturers to submit an offer. However, the offers are not always directly comparable, because standardized parameters and recommendations for an objective comparison of the offers do not exist. Thus, generally, the submitted offers need to be interpreted.

Constant exchange of ideas

In the Technical Committees, topical questions regarding the different subjects are discussed in the presence of a Compliance Officer. The results are then presented to the Board. After the approval by the Board, the results are integrated into the nonbinding recommendations of ABMI (cf. Downloads). The commitment of as many participants as possible of the diverse sectors of the beverage industry is most welcome.

During information meetings of ABMI, the new recommendations are presented and discussed. This exchange of ideas allows the participants to gain insight into the professional work of the Technical Committees and highlights the advantages of a common terminology for the industry. The ABMI meetings also invite the members to actively participate.

Making comparison more transparent

The ABMI took on to develop nonbinding recommendations for the description and the evaluation of the quality, security, sustainability and efficiency of filling machines and thus to create more transparency for the beverage filling industry. The information becomes more comparable and the complex relations can be presented in a standardized language. In the end, everyone benefits from this measure: the beverage filling industry and the manufacturer of the machines and installations.