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Purpose of the ABMI Sustainability Templates

The Topic of sustainability becomes more and more important to the Beverage industry. More precisely, environmental performance of lines and equipments are regarded more and more as a criteria of choice, among more conventional ones such as Cost (capital expenditure & operational cost…), and total cost of ownership (tco), service….

Therefore the ABMI decided to work out recommendations for the communication of packaging lines environmental performances between machinery suppliers and operating or beverage companies.

The results are Sustainability Templates for:

Media/Utility consumption:
ABMI Media Template

Packaging information:
ABMI Packaging Template

The ABMI sustainability Templates shall be used to transfer sustainability information between beverage machinery industry and its customers, the operating companies. The process tree below is an illustration of the intended use of the templates:

Process Tree

  • Sustainability

The primary goal of the template is helping to select the packaging line solution with the minimum environmental impact. Compliance of such calculation to standards such as ISO 140XX family is not guaranteed by ABMI.

With the ABMI Media Template different plant configurations from one or more suppliers can easily be compared.

The User Manual explains how to use the ABMI Media Template and the ABMI Packaging Template.