Welcome to the Website of the Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry


President & Vice-President:

  • President: Sam Strömerstén, retired and former CEO of Sidel Group
  • Vice-President: Alessandro Merusi, CEO of CFT-Group

The Association's Bodies

The Association’s bodies are:

  • the Association’s Assembly (Assembly);
  • the Executive Board (Board);
  • the Secretariat;
  • the Technical Committees (TCs).

The Assembly consists of all Member Companies and it’s attributions are notably the following:

  • definition of subjects of common interest;
  • approbation of the accounts, vote for the annual budget and approval of the annual membership fees for both Groups of Member Companies upon proposal by the Board;
  • decision on the admission and exclusion of Member Companies;
  • election of the Members of the Board;
  • ruling on all fundamental questions pertaining to the functioning of the Association.

The Board is composed of the representatives of the member companies. The Board has the following tasks:

  • convocation of the Assembly;
  • execution of the Assembly’s decisions;
  • definition of the subjects for the TCs and other research and development projects that fall within the purpose of the Association;
  • designation and revocation of the TC members and of the person(s) that are to execute other projects;
  • approbation of the TCs’ works and of other projects;
  • supervision of the missions and the work executed by the TCs and of other projects;
  • apportioning of financial contributions to the TCs and other projects;
  • conferring the single signature to a member of the Secretariat regarding expenses to be paid from the bank account of the Association;
  • elaboration of internal bylaws and other internal regulations;
  • definition of criteria for determination of the annual turnover of the Member Companies and attribution of each Member Company to either Group A or Group B. The attribution is to be operated during the first meeting following the admission of a new Member Company and, upon request, during the first Board meeting of each calendar year;
  • supervision of the day-to-day business.

The Secretariat takes care of the day-to-day business. In particular, it follows the Association’s projects and constitutes the central contact point for the Member Companies’ concerns.

Technical Committees (TCs) are created by the Board; the latter also defines their mandate. They are composed of representatives of Member Companies designated by the Board. They present their work to the Board on a regular basis. The Board has to approve their results before they are published”.


TC Leaders:

  • TC I (Acceptance Tests): Ludovic Tanchou / Jean-Claude Waeldin
  • TC II (Project Terminology) : Ludovic Tanchou
  • TC III (Aseptic Terminology): Lothar Wilhelm
  • TC IV (Security and Safety): Holger Kahlert
  • TC V (Line Controls and Methods): Olaf Muszinski
  • TC VI (Automation): Stefano Pasquali
  • TC VII (Sustainability): Olaf Muszinski
  • TC VIII (TCO): Markus Zoelfl