Welcome to the Website of the Association of the Beverage Machinery Industry

How to become a member?

  • Membership in the association is open to any legal entity operating in Europe whose core business is the manufacturing of packaging machines of bottles (PET or glass) or cans (metal) for the beverage industry, e.g. filling or capping machines or complete filling lines.
  • Any such entity may apply to become a Member Company of the Association by submitting to the Association’s Assembly (via the Secretariat) a written request for membership.
  • The written request must outline the entity’s involvement in the beverage machinery market and its motivation to join the ABMI.
  • The amount of the membership fee shall be determined annually by the Assembly. It may vary depending on the annual turnover of the members.

Interested in ABMI?

The Secretariat of the Association is at your disposal if you require further information or have any questions:

ABMI c/o Bratschi Ltd.
Bahnhofstrasse 70
P.O. Box 1130, CH-8021 Zürich
Telephone +41 58 258 10 00
Fax +41 58 258 10 99