The Tender Phase is starting with a detailed inquiry (acc. To check list) from a customer and ends by a contract signed with a supplier. It covers all activities related to a supplier selection. The Industry is working on a saleable offer.

The Format of a Saleable Offer is Industry specific.

Saleable offer content shall be:

  • Customer Information (Name, location, …)
  • Industry Information (Name, location, …)
  • Reference (Name or Number of the object)
  • Price Summary

Scope of offer

  1. Technical descriptions of the offered Machines
  2. Inco terms (freight, packaging, insurance)
  3. Assembly conditions
  4. Layout
  5. Time schedule
  6. Interface descriptions
  7. Customer objects
  8. (Raw materials specifications, Drawings...)
  9. Buffer times
  10. Line characteristics
  11. Line Electric
  12. Consumption data's
  13. Change over times
  14. Installation and installation testing conditions
  15. Ramp up and acceptance test conditions
  16. Documentation conditions
  17. Training conditions
  18. General sales and delivery conditions