Detailed Inquiry

The "Detailed Inquiry" milestone indicates the recommended pre-requisites for the Industry to enter in the "Tender" phase.

A fixed set of detailed requirements (acc. to the Detailed Inquiry Checklist) is to be jointly developed between “Industry” and “Customer” in order to prepare an accurate saleable offer.


  • Customer Information (Name, location, ...)
  • Industry Information (Name, location, ...)
  • Reference (name or number of the object)

Scope of detailed inquiry

  1. Time Schedule
  2. Geographical Data
  3. Capacity
  4. Layout
  5. Product
  6. Package Materials
  7. Packaging Matrix
  8. Machine scope


  1. Utilities and Media
  2. Transportation, Packaging and Insurance
  3. Installation scope
  4. Supply Limits
  5. Price Conditions
  6. Training
  7. Acceptance Test (by TC1)
  8. Documentation (by TC4)

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